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Multipurpose Cleaner Blue

Multipurpose Cleaner Blue

Azul Blue is a super-concentrated cleaner biodegradable and non-flammable. 

Home Blue is a degreaser which is usually the basis of any dirt. It can be used on all surfaces. 
Simply apply the appropriate mix 10 seconds and wipe. It is safe for use around the home and is safe for use around people children and animals.  

Azul Blue removes most dirt caused by grease, wine, ink, tar, blood, shoe polish, coffee, cosmetics, tea, ... etc. 

This bottle is super concentrated which can be used neat. However we advise you to dilute Azul Blue as below.

For a strong mix = 1:6 Less than €1.50 per Litre
Normal Mix = 1:16 Less than 60c per Litre 

Size: 1000 ml

Product code: AZUL01