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Multipurpose Cleaner Red

Multipurpose Cleaner Red

Rosa Home is a super-concentrated detergent, biodegradable and phosphate-free, with a pH similar to human skin makes it ideal for cleaning delicate items. Rosa Home can be used pure or diluted in water.

** This is the cleaning product the Spanish have been keeping secret for years. ** 

Use for cleaning delicate fabrics that require hand washing, such as silk, wool, cotton or synthetic fibres. 

When washing wool make sure the temperature does not exceed 30 °.

Great for use on Marble Floors & Marble Kitchen worktops. Rosa also gives excellent results for dishwashing by hand, cars, floors.

For windows we recommend using Azul Blue in a pump spray bottle. 

1000 ml

Use as a convenient hard working handwash for all the family with our Rosa Penguin 

Size: 1000 ml

Product code: ROSA01