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Aloe Vera Gel 95%

Aloe Vera Gel 95%

Aloe Vera Gel 95%
95% Aloe Vera Gel is ideal for all types of treatment due to its natural properties: To moisturise: Contains high amounts of mono-and polysaccharides. To nourish: Abundant in amino acids, vitamins and minerals. To regenerate: Accelerates production of new cells. To detox: Eliminates free radicals caused by environmental radiation.

For first aid use on minor burns, wounds, cuts and scraps. Provides a pleasant sensation of freshness and well being. 
Application is recommended on all parts of the body to heal and soothe.
Provides intense hydration to both face and body. 

Contains 95% Aloe Vera.

Size: 60 ml

Product code: 2036