Purest Aloe


Where do you get your Aloe Vera plants?

Simply we grow our own! We grow and harvest our Aloe Vera Barbadensis from our own farm in Estepona Andalucía Spain. For quality Aloe to grow this picturesque part of Spain guarantees us the required 320 days of sunny days per year. The freshness and nutritional value of our Aloe is guaranteed and all our plants are a minimum of 3 years old.

Which stabilisation process is used during processing Aloe Vera Juice?

We don't powder anything! Instead we use a patented Cold Stabilisation process whereby all our plants are manually harvested and transported to our facility where they are carefully washed and peeled to obtain the fillet of aloe. This stabilisation is done within 4-6 hours of harvesting guaranteeing our products contain all of the valuable components of fresh aloe vera gel the way nature intended.

Don't be tricked! Some 'aloe juice products' on the market actually contain very little Aloe Vera and are made from Aloe powder concentrate (which itself is 100% pure) which is then diluted with water. The true Aloe Vera content of these products after dilution can be as low as 1 – 4 %.

The drying process destroys the therapeutic potential of the Aloe Vera. Powdering is used by large scale manufactures of 'aloe juice products' so they can ship large amounts of aloe from point to point in powder form. This powdering process requires their juices to have the instruction to 'shake well before use', this is not to shake up pulp but to shake up the sediment powder. As with Verdaloe Aloe Vera and other cold stabilised Aloe Juices this is never the case.

Other Aloe products based on powder concentrate lack the important vital components of the original fresh gel. Baring these facts in mind the superior products are always produced on the basis of naturally stabilised Aloe Vera gel and contain over 89% of the effective components.

Our Aloe Vera Juice is 100% pure aloe vera with nothing added.