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Careproducts IRELAND t/a purestaloe.com registered in Ireland. We are the sole distributors for Hogar Cosmetic Products in Ireland, U.K & Germany


Our products are manufactured by Hogar y Cosmética Española S.A who have facilities in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid), Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona) and Estepona (Málaga), our products include:


A complete line of cosmetic products whose main ingredient is Aloe Vera grown on our organic farms in Estepona and extracted by cold stabilization method in our factory in Estepona (Málaga).


A complete line of dietary products with Aloe Vera as the main ingredient.


Products for household cleaning, most notably the Blue & Pink (Azul & Rosa), the first super concentrated multipurpose cleaner for the Spanish market.

Aloe Cosmetics

Hogar Cosmetica are pioneers in the production of Aloe Vera juice and aloe vera cosmetics. Our Aloe Vera Barbadensis has been grown in Estepona (Málaga) using only natural fertilizers and modern irrigation techniques for over 30 years. Our plantations are in close proximity to our manufacturing facilities so maximum freshness of the leaves is guaranteed.

Our Aloe Vera

Our Aloe Vera is hand harvested from our Aloe Vera farms in southern Spain. All our plants are a minimum of three years old. Only when our leaves are the optimum size are they are carefully hand harvested and immediately transported to our facility where they are washed and peeled. This is a very labour intensive process. We only use the fillet of the Aloe vera leaves which do not contain any 'aloin'. (Aloin is the bitter tasting outer layer of the aloe leaf)

We then press the aloe fillet to extract fresh aloe vera juice. This juice is then filtered to remove all pulp and then cold stabilised. This is a patented conservation method which involves the incorporation of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and Vitamin E (Tocopherol). In todays market there are many companies offering Aloe Vera Juice, but very few who manufacturer their own and fewer still can guarantee that their juice has never passed through a drying process.

Our Aloe Vera is the pure, true Aloe Vera, untampered and natural. Our Aloe Vera juice contains no added water so the juice you are drinking is nothing but juice from the leaves of our plants combined with only natural Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Our Aloe Vera has never been dried, powdered and rehydrated with water like many others so called Aloe Vera products on the market.

We welcome you to indulge and enjoy our products brought to you using organic techniques and decades of Aloe Vera expertise.